Domino park opens in NY

The waterfront park is built on a former industrial site. Photo: Daniel Levin

Field Operations’s latest space is on the waterfront

New York’s newest waterfront public space opened at the 11-acre Domino Sugar Factory site this summer, providing public access to the stretch of the waterfront for the first time in more than 160 years.

Conceived in partnership between Two Trees Management and landscape architecture firm Field Operations – the lead designers of the High Line – Domino Park is located just north of the Williamsburg Bridge and celebrates the history of one of New York’s most iconic industrial sites.

The ambitious public waterfront park was inspired by community input and the site’s rich history. One of the main features is an ‘Artifact Walk’ which integrates more than 30 large-scale salvaged artefacts, including an elevated walk supported by 21 columns from the Raw Sugar Warehouse, 80ft-tall gantry cranes, a hoist bridge and four syrup tanks.