Kew opens new Children’s Garden

The Air Garden features hammocks and spheres

There’s fun afoot at the famous botanic gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is unveiling a giant new Children’s Garden this May. The 10,000 sq m garden was conceived by Kew garden designer, Suzie Jewell, who based her plan around the elements that plants need to grow: earth, air, sun and water.

It comprises four main areas. The Earth Garden includes a giant sand pit with a quirky play hut village. The Air Garden features winding paths, giant windmill flowers, pollen spheres, hammocks, swings and trampolines.

The Sun Garden is a large open space where children can let their imaginations run wild beside a ring of sunflowers, cherry trees and pink candy floss grass. The Water Garden features pumps that children can use to control the flow of water through to a splash pool, and water lily stepping stones to engage them in the water cycle and its importance to plants.

Funding came from private donations and corporate sponsor Thames Water.